Best Chainsaw Sharpener 2018

Best Chainsaw Sharpener 2018


Selecting The Best Chainsaw Sharpener 2018


Buying the first chainsaw sharpener you lay your eyes on is a risky business....


It Might Not Be the Perfect size to fit your chainsaw, that is why you first need to check features & kind Of your chainsaw, also it might be a bad brand that will either provide lackluster results or perhaps straight up break during use!


Luckily for you, we have curated a list of the best chainsaw sharpeners which you may count on which you may see below.


We've also included a buying manual -- So this guide has everything you want to make the ideal choice.


See Top Picks

Type      Product                Our rating            Cost

Electric  Buffalo Tools ECSS           4.4         

Bar mounted     Timberline chainsaw sharpener 4.5         

Handheld            Katzco 8 piece kit             4.3         

Why you Want a chainsaw sharpener


Chainsaws are terrifically powerful and useful tools, but with that usefulness comes a lot of wear and tear...


Chainsaw blades have a tendency to dull fairly quickly, which can cause several difficulties.


Firstly, a dull blade means the chainsaw will not be as effective at Cutting through timber as it ought to be -- and this can increase the danger of the blade binding during a cut and causing a kickback.


If you do not know about kickbacks, have a look at our chainsaw safety guide and the guide to the properly working with the chainsaw.


Second, a fine sharp sword can make your cuts faster and improve Your productivity. This faster cutting speed includes other benefits also -- If you're using a battery chainsaw by way of example, you are going to receive more runtime with a sharp blade than a boring one.


Or with a gasoline chainsaw, you'll use less gas with a nice sharp blade.


The final reason to regularly sharpen your chainsaw blade is that not Doing this will really cause the rate of blade wearage to increase.


Having a dull blade that your cuts are lower, which means cutting to Get exactly the same amount of work done, so more wear on your blade (and in your saw motor).


The duller your blade gets, the longer your cuts will require, and it'll just keep getting more and more dull.


Keeping your blade nice and sharp is right up there with maintaining the oil reservoir topped up!

Form of sharpener


3 Distinct types are available:


    Handheld files

    Bar mounted sharpeners

    Electric sharpeners


Handheld files


As the Name Implies, these are the simplest of all 3 options -- Just Little files which you simply use by hand to sharpen each tooth of your chain one by one.


There is no reason to select among them today, unless you Enjoy working with your hands and do not mind a little elbow grease to maintain your chainsaw sharp naturally!


But you will want to know about a few problems with these handheld documents...


Firstly, different blades require different sizes of file. The file Set from Katzco that we advocate includes three different file sizes, but you will still need to double check to make sure they are acceptable for your chainsaw before you go ahead and purchase.


The second problem is that when using a handheld file, it can be difficult to have a uniform sharpening round the whole blade.


These issues aren't present with different types of sharpeners, though handhelds are definitely the least expensive alternative.

Bar mounted sharpeners


These are a fine middle ground choice -- much more functional than handheld Sharpeners, but not as effective or easy to use as the electrical options.


These devices fit on the bar of your chainsaw and you can run the blade to sharpen it.


Not only is that less labour intensive than having a handheld file, But it's also a lot easier to find a great uniform sharpening each one the knife teeth.

Electric chainsaw sharpeners


If you'd like the fastest and easiest sharpening alternative, an electric sharpener is the right choice!


These clever devices will fit basically every chain out of the box, Which is a big bonus compared to a handheld or bar mounted option which can both require some experimentation to get the ideal fit.


You essentially put your chain in the apparatus, create any necessary Adjustments, you may start waxing -- do the first tooth, then use the device to move the chain along and do another tooth, and so on until done.


There is still some manual labor involved, but this is undoubtedly the quickest option.


It's also very easy to get a perfectly uniform sharpness each time.


This downside of course is that electronic devices tend to be pricier Than the other options -- However, you will be pleased to see our top pick in this class (the Buffalo Tools ECSS) is actually very affordable... It's even more affordable than a few bar mounted options!


Alright, let's get to our top recommendations...

Chainsaw sharpener reviews


To keep this easy there's just a single top select for each Kind of Chainsaw sharpener, but you may spot a few runner-ups in there also.

Sort        Product                Our rating            Price

Electric  Buffalo Tools ECSS           4.4         

Bar mounted     Timberline chainsaw sharpener 4.5         

Handheld            Katzco 8 piece kit             4.3         

Best electric chainsaw sharpener


Our top pick here's the Buffalo Tools ECSS, and when there was one singular winner for the best overall sharpener, this could be it also.


Not only is this a very quick, effective, and easy way to sharpen Your chainsaw blades regularly, however it's also quite affordable!


It'll match most chainsaw blade sizes right out of the box, which is super.


You May Also be happy to hear It Can be mounted to a bench, Wall, or a vise. That's a huge plus for stability and ease of use, if you are placing a great deal of blades by means of this thing.


The best thing about an electric sharpener like this is you'll be Very likely to use it regularly, since it is so simple. This will mean that your blades are always sharp, and keep your chainsaw running at maximum efficiency!


Click here to read user reviews on Amazon.

Best bar mounted chainsaw sharpener


The winner in this class is the Timberline chainsaw sharpener. Although, to be honest with you...


It's pricey. It's very expensive indeed.


In fact, it's much more expensive than the electric option we Recommended above... As we've covered, electric versions offer the best ease of use. So with this bar mounted option in particular, you are actually paying more for more functionality.


With that said, it is our best pick in this category for a reason -- And that is because it's excellent.


It's very precise and fast, and to get a bar mounted sharpener it's really pretty simplicity to use too.


The Timberline will provide professional results every time.


There's some upsides to this versus an electric option too -- You Don't need power to run it naturally, so that is a point for your own bar mounted version right there.


On top of that, you need to remove the string from the bar to use an Electrical sharpener... But that's not true with the Timberline, as it mounts simply on the bar of this chainsaw while the chain remains attached.


Even though it's pretty pricey, it would be a great investment that will deliver professional results for years (or decades) to come.


If the price is a real deal breaker but you are put on a bar mounted Sharpener, you might want to take into account a less costly alternative such as our runner up from Granberg.


Click here to read consumer reviews on Amazon.

Best handheld chainsaw sharpener


A neat small 8 bit set which includes 3 document sizes from Katzco is our number one pick in this category.


There's not a whole lot to say about it -- The document sizes cover Most of the common series and blade sizes out there so it needs to be compatible with whatever you're running.


It's also a well made product that will deliver quality results -- Although these results also rely on the abilities and attention to detail about the consumer, as we've discussed previously in this report.


A great advantage is that handheld file collection won't break the bank... It's the cheapest of all our options. If cost is a concern for you or if you don't need a sharpener frequently, then these may be a great pick for you.


Click here to read user reviews on Amazon.



And that is that!


Chainsaw sharpeners are an easy thing to overlook, however if you are Utilizing a chainsaw frequently you'll quickly learn that they're a vital tool.


You can use the sharpener on the electric chainsaw, cordless chainsaw and every other kind but you first need to assess right size and type of sharpener.


This guide should have everything you need to be fulfilled when you choose the best chainsaw sharpener for you -- Good luck!

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